1. What is Gcalls for Freshdesk FAQ?

It is the integrated product of Gcalls for Freshdesk, which allows Freshdesk users to make calls, answer calls, recognize customers and access customer information page on Freshdesk immediately. At the same time, users get access to use other features of the Gcalls Plus Webphone app like Call History, Reports and more.

2. Who can use Gcalls for Freshdesk FAQ?

Currently, this integrated product can be opened to any customer using Gcalls (Business plan or more) and Freshdesk. Clients need to pay a deployment fee for this service.

For Freshdesk, you can use any service plan as long as your account can provide Gcalls with technical information to activate (see more here).

3. How much does it cost?

In addition to the usual service fee according to different pricing plans, there will be an initial deployment fee to activate Gcalls for Freshdesk. This fee is determined based on your size and needs.

4. How can I start using Gcalls for Freshdesk?

If you are a completely new customer, you need to contact Gcalls via email sales@gcalls.co, call (+84) 8985 8099 or leave information here for Gcalls to actively contact you again. 

If you are using Gcalls and want to experience the Integrated Service with Freshdesk, please email to support@gcalls.co, call (+84) 8985 8099 or exchange via chat channel between Gcalls Support Team and your business.

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