In case your business already owns VoIP numbers, the deployment time will be greatly shortened.

When you agree to use the Gcalls service, we will send you an information called an IP address. You just need to email the network provider’s business person who worked with you about this VoIP number head before, asking them to transfer the prefix phone number to the new IP. After receiving a request from the sales staff, the network provider technician will make a prefix phone number connection to the IP address of Gcalls.

Usually, this process is completed within a few hours to a working day depending on the network provider, if no problems arise.

NOTE: If you are not sure if you are using a VoIP number, you can identify it with one of the following signs:

  • The phone number of the FPT operator ({area code}730xxxx) or CMC ({area code}710xxxx).
  • That phone number is used with an IP Phone (similar to a desk phone but plugged in with a network wire to connect to the Internet)
  • That phone number is used with software on mobile, computer
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