1. What calls are stored on the Gcalls Plus Webphone app

When you are logged in to Gcalls, all calls made on the app will be saved. With interactions that don’t go through an app like an overtime call or forwarding, the page app.gcalls.co will not show information.

2. Call forwarding

The call-in script on Gcalls will be set in advance. And usually when the listening and calling accounts on Gcalls do not pick up the phone or are not online, the call will be forwarded to a backup (mobile/desk) number. Set up a forwarding number to ease missed calls when out of work, when no internet or operators are busy.

Transition mechanism: when there is a call in case no one is online or the operator is busy, the operator will act as an intermediary to make a call forwarding to the backup number. So it should be noted, the backup phone will display the business’s switchboard number instead of the customer’s number.

To check the customer phone number and forwarding call information, you can check the log system.gcalls.

NOTE: Your switchboard can install the forwarding function if your phone number has a call-out service. If you only use 1800 or 1900 and do not have a fixed or mobile sip number attached, call forwarding is not possible.

3. Call quality

First, if problems during the conversation such as interruption, loss of voice, flickering, shaking,… appear with a frequency of not much (less than 8%) and do not affect the understanding of the two sides, then you do not need to worry. This is a common feature of VoIP (packet transmission over the Internet), the quality of calls will be affected when the Internet connection flickers. When poor call quality occurs regularly, interfering with work, you should refer to the following article:

Issues related to call quality

In addition, you can follow the instructions below to know how to improve call quality based on disabling SIP ALG:

Disable SIP ALG on Internet router to improve call quality

If you are an Admin, click here to get a deeper grasp of Management on Gcalls.

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