A. Where to buy from?

Customers will be connected by Gcalls with partners that are network providers to proceed with the purchase of the prefix phone number. Enterprises can still contact the network provider to buy themselves, however, because VoIP services are quite new in Vietnam, technically, the process of configuring the prefix phone number will take place more quickly if the two sides are used to coordinate the implementation earlier.

B. Papers and procedures

Depending on the network operator and type of the prefix phone number (fixed, mobile, 1900 or 1800), this will usually include:

A scan of the business license (all network providers require it).

Scan the ID or passport of the owner or authorized person (whose network provider does not require).

Power of attorney (if the contractor is not the business owner).

Photo of half of the representative (for enterprises purchasing prefix phone numbers, as prescribed by the Ministry of Information & Communications).

C. How long does it take to complete the purchase of the prefix phone number?

This also depends on each network provider and the type of the prefix phone number, ranging from 2 days to 10 working days (including the time of signing and sending the contract).

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